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Going HUGE: Aspen Style.

Selfie with Julia Mancuso. AspenSpin. Click 4 pix.It was a HUGE weekend in Aspen. The world's fastest ladies came to Aspen for World Cup Ski Racing. Giant Slalom and Slalom were on the docket for America's snow queens.  Lindsey Vonn, Julia Mancuso, Resi Steigler,  new U.S. star 17 year old Mikaela Shiffrin and their Europeon counterparts were ripping laps down Ruthies Run.  The coresponding action in town was siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.  Our schedule was packed.  The ski races, the VIP tent, parties, sponsor events, the Squaw House, free concerts, fireworks and of course the #1 house party of all-time;

The 27th Annual Ski Tuners Ball.

Photos:  Going HUGE; Aspen Style   +   Ski Tunes & Tycoons

All that off-season training paid off for Aspen Spin as we managed to go hard all weekend.   Unfortunately the ski conditions are currently "less than great", so we excerted most of our energies towards the social scene.  We got  word from the top ( not from G-D, but the brass at Ski Co.)...please don't belittle the conditions...it's bad for bookings.   I guess I didn't realize that being honest was a problem. Sorry.

Mikaela Shiffrin and her Mom. 2 World Cup top 10's and a Barilla feast at Casa Tua. Not a bad weekend in Aspen. The capstone event of the weekend for Aspen Spin was a small private dinner hosted by Barilla at Casa Tua with Mikaela Shiffrin and her family and friends.  Mikaela, who lives near Vail, Colorado is a rising star on the U.S. Ski Team.  She finished 9th in the GS and 7th in slalom this weekend in Aspen.  2 top tens in one weekend is HUGE by any measure...but the fact that Mikaela is still a Senior at Burke Mountain Academy (High School) makes it that much more awesome.  She admitted that she's hoping to get her drivers license this week before jetting off to St. Moritz for the next World Cup stop.  

Mikaela Shiffrin is an incredibly poised young woman and she's ready to explode as the next BIG thing in U.S. ski racing. That's a lot of pressure, but she seems at ease with it.  Spending some time with her and her family revealed a highly motivated, super- focused, well adjusted, superbly trained athlete.  She is mature beyond her years and AspenSpin along with everyone else in the ski world can visualize podiums, gold medals and Wheaties boxes in her future. 

Any way... it was a great weekend.    Check the Pix.

GOING HUGE:  Aspen Style.    &   SKI TUNES and TYCOONS

The World's Fastest Women invaded Aspen for World Cup Ski Racing. Photo: Raifie Bass.Reverend Horton Heat brought his A game to Aspen for a free show.Fireworks over Ajax.The Ski Tuner's Ball in it's 27th year is the unofficial kick-off to ski season in Aspen. The G's always go HUGE.Lindsey Vonn took time to sign autographs for all the kids in Aspen.Appetitie for Destruction crushed it in Aspen.GS Podium in Aspen. 1) Maze / SLO, 2) Zettel / AUT 3) Rebensburg / AUT Photo: Aspen Ski Co. / Jeremy Swanson.

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