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Aspen Community Dinner with Aspen T.R.E.E.

Eden Vardy, founder of Aspen T.R.E.E. with Aspen's Mayor Mick Ireland. Click for pix.Thanksgiving dinner for 1500 people.  Niiiice!!!

Almost 4,000 pounds of food was consumed last night in Aspen. All of it locally grown, all of it organic and sustainable and it was  all free for everyone.  Thank you to Aspen T.R.E.E. (Together Regenerating the Environment through Education) for hosting The 5th annual Aspen Community Dinner.

Click 4 Pix:  Aspen Community Dinner

Nutritious eats were served up "farm to table" hot and tasty at Aspen High School by Aspen T.R.E.E. and a large cadre of volunteers and supporters.  Turkey and all the fixin's was grown and raised entirely right here in the Roaring Fork Valley.  The Aspen Community Dinner has quickly become one of AspenSpin's favorite events.  The free feast draws a very eclectic crowd and feeds people from all walks of life.  It's a true community gathering.  The holiday atmosphere and the "open house" feeling creates a mixture of local families, young people, rippers & shredders, and some folks who live right on the edge here in our Valley as well as some of Aspen's most affluent residents.   It's all in good fun and the room is filled with the smells and sounds of a home cooked Thanksgiving meal along with plenty of smiling faces.

We here in Aspen have plenty to be thankful for.  Our beautiful home is surrounded by mountains that  effectively shelter us from some of the harshities of real life.  Plus we recreate harder than almost any other town in the world.  Thanksgiving means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  This year I'm especially thankful for our environment...or what we have left of it. Please read my previous article, The Party Farm.   It's a true story about my fears of climate change or global warming..whatever you want to call it.  I explored contributing to an urban farming project in Detroit (my home town) as a way to take action.  Eden Vardy and Aspen T.R.E.E. helped educate me about farming and sustainable lifestyle practices prior to my trip to Detroit.   Eden gave me a crash course,, the twitter version of farming 101.  The Aspen T.R.E.E. and their small farm off Highway 82 just outside of town is an example of what can be.  They GROW, LEARN SHARE and INSPIRE.  Their mission:  Empower Youth and Community through Positive, Solution Oriented Sustainability and Healthy Food-Shed Education.  

Click to learn more about Aspen T.R.E.E.The Farm-to-Table Community Dinner is something Aspen should be proud of as a community. We are leaders in sustainability...and each and every one of us can help spread the word to friends and relatives.   We are on the forefront of the climate war...and make no mistake...the war is on.  

I especially enjoyed the joy and excitement on the faces of those being served and on those volunteers doing the serving.  Taking part in the Aspen Community Dinner made me feel warm and fuzzy all over.  The fact that opening day for ski season is 2 days from now, there's very little snow and it was sunny and 50 degrees today may have contributed to the warm aspect of it.  But it was a great event and we at AspenSpin support the great efforts of Aspen T.R.E.E. 


Volunteers worked the kitchen at the Aspen Community Meal hoste by Aspen T.R.E.E. Click 4 pix.Max and Shlomo and the boys getting ready to chow down at Aspen T.R.E.E.'s FREE Dinner. Click 4 Pix.Willie was cracking up at The Aspen Community Dinner. Fun for All. Click for pix.

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