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24 Hours of Aspen ( X Games Edition).

Autograph Sesh. in Aspen 4 X Games 2012.My name is AspenSpin and I'm a ski-a-holic.  It may look like I attend all the X Games events at Buttermilk and all the parties...but i don't.  In fact for 2012, I spent 2 1/2 of the 4 days of X Games in Denver attending the Ski Industry Association (SIA) Snow Show...the Ski and Snowboard Industry's main event in the U.S.A.  I spent a 1/2 day sleeping (at night).  That left 1 full day, 24 hours to get it done.

I have a few confessions to make.  I don't like crowds, I hate waiting in line and I try not to ride the bus.  A couple more revelations;  I don't have a VIP pass, free drinks don't excite me and many of the X Games  competitors are young enough to be my grandchildren.  Please realize that in the past 6 years at X Games,  I've snuck into the VIP tent, crashed the Athletes Lounge, been hit on by Athlete's Mom's, been in the production truck, on the  X Games courses and almost had several panic attacks in the crowd.  I've almost done it all.  I've even hit the pipe, the super pipe that is....and dat sh*t is scary.  In fact,  true story... it was just after the first time I rode the Buttermilk halfpipe that I started wearing a helmet.  I digress.   24 Hours of Aspen (X Games Edition).

For 2012 I devised the ultimate X Games strategy.

1)  Watch all the events on TV.

2)  Spend no more than two hours at the venue, Buttermilk.  10am -12am on Sunday.

3)  Grab as much swag as possible.  Free sh*t makes me happy , what can I say.  (Who wants a key chain or wrist band?)

4) Take as many sick pix as possible to capture the energy and excitement of the crowd.

5) Focus on a couple of the main parties.  I can't go to 'em all...mostly because I'm not on the list...but I identified a couple of key events to pinpoint my efforts.  The MARLEY SAFE HOUSE offered One Love and all the comforts of home...so I just chilled there most of the time.

Here are the results;  Please Click my pix.


AWOLNation Show

U.S. SkierCross VIP Party


The EXPN ZONE (Put the Swag in the Bag).

Rocky and da shorties at The Marley Safe House in Aspen. Click for more pix..It's good to see Matthew working hard at his craft. Marley Safe House in Aspen. click for pix.

 Swag grabbers delight . Sunday morning at X Fest. clcik for more pix.@braveskimom and her whole clan at the U.S. Skier Cross VIP event in AspenAWOLNation played a kick A$$ set at the base of Aspen Mountain. click 4 pix.


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Reader Comments (2)

Have to agree: AWOLNation definitely did kick some A. So nice to hang with you and U.S. Skier Cross. I want to hear more about SIA -- swag, swag and more swag?!


January 31, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterbraveskimom

thanks @braveskimoim nice to meet you too.
yes #SIA12 was sick too. look for a posting wed or thurs.

January 31, 2012 | Registered CommenterAspen Spin

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