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Aspen goes GREEN for AREDay.

AREDay 2011 in Aspen with Ted Turner. Click for more pixThe 8th annual AREDay Summit and Expo took place in Aspen, Colorado this past weekend. The theme for  AREDAY 2011  (American Renewable Energy) is Putting the GREEN back in GREEN: Monetizing carbon in the Global Economy. Over 100 environmentally savvy speaker, presenters and panelists discussed a wide variety of topics at the historic Hotel Jerome.   There was not a plastic bottle in site as environmental visionaries, educators, politicians and business leaders gathered to address the world-wide problem of climate change and America's dependency on foreign sovereignties for our energy. 


This was AspenSpin's inaugural coverage of ARE Day and the message being sent from the conference is staggering.  The environmental issues that face the world today have reached the point of crises.  AREDay was founded to promote leadership and cross-sector collaborations and there were plenty of tremendous ideas exchanged.  Big name AREDay supporters like TED TURNER, T. BOONE PICKENS,  Gen (ret.) WESLEY CLARK, Actress DARYL HANNAH and former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter addressed the eclectic, but obviously passionate crowd.

The planet's environmental issues present a complex set of problems and encompass a myriad of public and private agendas.  With no clear leadership, the pro-earth message often gets jumbled.  It's difficult for regular people to understand what the real facts are.  Attempting to grasp the conundrum at hand AspenSpin will attempt to present a simple set of take home points.  

Click for pix.  ASPEN GOES GREEN

AREDay 2011. It's a battle for planet earth. Click for pix.We are experiencing a WORLDWIDE ENVIRONMENTAL CRISES.  This is not a blip on the radar.  Abuse of our earth and it's natural resources cannot continue at the current pace or we will lose our environment. According to Ted Turner..."when we lose the natural world we've lost everything".  For those that don't believe there is a climate problem...have you noticed the surge in natural disasters?  Did you know that nearly 250,000 people died from weather related events in 2010.  Losing people to "freak storms" is not a good way to combat overpopulation...which is part of the problem for the 7 billion citizens of Earth.

We must ACT LOCALLY and Regionally to fight climate change.  This was a new revelation for us, but it makes perfect sense.  Citizens of the world must protect their own.  There is no centralized organization that is implementing an effective plan for environmental improvements.  Federal Governments (including the U.S.) are not successfully battling climate change.  We must do it ourselves to protect what is ours.  Grassroots programs at the local and regional level must continue.  In Aspen, we are fiercely proud and protective of our home.  Kansas may have a different set of environmental issues... each region must protect their own...worldwide.

We must ACT NOW.  Climate change, over population, dependency on fossil based fuels...these are real problems that are effecting the way our Earth functions.  This is bigger than politics, bigger than the economic crises, bigger than Jersey Shore...and its real...real serious.  We must make drastic changes immediately or the environmental health of the world will be in critical condition...soon.

Every little bit helps. AREDay 2011 in Aspen.FOLLOW the MONEY.  Investments are being made in renewable energy, conservation efforts, green technology and more that can help reverse our world's decline.  Getting Wall Street and the Venture Capitalists behind the green movement is imperative.  Not only can big business help protect our natural world, they can create jobs, earn profits and satisfy shareholders.  Efforts are being made by the business community...let's hope it's not to little to late.

It's a sports analogy, but it rings very true here.  TEAMWORK WINS GAMES.  All earthlings must work together to effect worldwide change, and leadership is crucial.  Somehow all of us who reside on earth must find a way to rally around our environment if the world as we know it is to be saved.  That sounds drastic, but unfortunately it's true.   We all need to join forces ASAP.  Forget party afflation, forget your country of origin, we've all got to band together and work towards a common goal...or the natural world as we know it will be gone.

We hate to say it, but TALK is CHEAP.  The time for talk is over.  Action is required, from everyone. AREDay speakers are preaching to the choir.  We need to expand our efforts...every one of us.   It's easy to bounce ideas around a ballroom full of interested dilettantes with the A/C blasting and their private jets idling.  WE NEED ACTION and we need it now.  So find a way to pitch in.

AREDay was informative, educational, interesting and provocative, but most of all it was scary.   We all must act now and act together before it's to late.   Our consumption based society cannot continue at it's current pace or else we'll lose everything.  Your children and your children's children will not be safe.  As an individual its very difficult to know what steps to take.  The problems are complex, the facts unclear, the message is mixed and the ultimate solutions are not yet formed...but we must band together and work diligently or else all will be lost.  If this sounds drastic or alarming...coming from a ski bum /blogger...it is.  Every one of us must find a way to pitch in to SAVE the ENVIRONMENT before its to late.  It's a fight that the human race cannot afford to lose. 


Go Green...or Die. Thats the message that AspenSpin took home from AREDay

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