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X Games CONQUERS the World

SuperStars of Action Sports. Shaun White, Travis Pastrana, Ryan Shekler and Pierre-Luc Gagnon line up at X Games 17, L.A. nHow BIG can X Games get?  Pretty darn BIG.

X Games 17 kicked-off last night in Los Angeles with a star-studded press event and a benefit for the Jimmy V. Foundation on the event deck at L.A. Live.   ESPN's X Games has taken over downtown Los Angeles for the weekend (at least the area surrounding Staples Center) with eyes on GLOBAL DOMINATION. This is the fist time in 9 straight years in L.A. that the entire X Games will take place at one single location.  The course set-up and the logistical process defies comprehension.  ESPN and AEG are a formidable team.

ESPN a division of Disney, and sister station to ABC has announced plans for 6 Global events in 2013 (2 in the U.S. and 4 overseas) expanding their franchise to the world.  X Games 17 has athletes competing from 17 different countries, it will  broadcast 25 hours of live HD programming (more on-line) and the events will be shown in 192 countries and 232 million homes.   How BIG is the baby???  B----I----G.

AspenSpin will be living the dream..live in L.A.  We'll give you a first person account of X Games 17... along with plenty of photos.  Here's a few things we're keeping our eyes on.

PASTRANATHON:  Travis Pastrana, one of the most decorated (17 medal, 11 Gold) and most popular X Games athletes of all-time will be competing in 2 events in Moto X (Best Trick and Rally Cross).  In between the two comp.s he'll be taking a private jet to Indianapolis for a Nationwide race as he transitions his talents to NASCAR.  T.P. who said "I'm always under-prepared and over enthusiastic" seemed ready to tackle a BIG weekend. First up he's shooting for a 720 in best trick which will "take the monkey off my back".  Newly engaged to pro skateboarder Lyn Z Hawkins, Pastrana is working hard this weekend.

SKATEBOARD BIG AIR:  This event is extremely exciting ...and dangerous for the athletes.  An 80 foot ramp leading to a 70 foot gap followed by a 27 foot quarterpipe..... that's just sick.  JAKE BROWN will attempt a 3-peat in 2011.

BMX and SKATEBOARD STREET:  The course looks re-donk.  In the pre-game jam session, guys were going incredibly HUGE, just throwing it.  Raw street elements like stairs, rails, ledges and gaps make this a fun and super creative competition.  The best riders will win.

SHAUN WHITE:  AspenSpin loves Shaun White...there we said it.  Whether he's shredding the snow or skating vert Shaun White loves to compete.  Who says skiers and snowboarders can't get along.  Shaun White is probably the biggest brand in action sports...and he's also one of the most gregarious and professional of all the athletes.  The pressure that surrounds him...everybody wants a piece... would be unbearable for most people.  Shaun takes it all in stride.  He's friendly, he's funny and he's always nice to the kids. 

Look for more pix soon.

Ryan Sheckler the youngest gold medalist in X Games history (at age 13) holds court at age 21.

Jamie Bestwick a dominating force in BMX Vert shoots for a 5-peat.

Travis Pastrana: "Under prepared and over enthusiastic" for X Games and Nascar.Ashley Fiolek was born without hearing. That hasn't stopped her from winning the last 2 Golds in Moto X Racing

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