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The Legend of In-N-Out

In case it's not obvious, AspenSpin likes fast food.  In our extremely experienced opinion the BEST EVER fast food --by an overwhelming margin,  is California's own In-N-Out Burger. 

In-N-Out Burger (wiki) began in 1948 as a single drive-through location.  Founded, owned and still operated by the Snyder Family in Baldwin Park near Los Angeles, In-N-Out has grown to more than 250 locations in 5 States. 

We were nay sayers once too  "Seriously, how good can it be?" we inquired of our friends in "Smell Ay".  They were very confident in their answers --"In-N-Out is the best" was the typical response.  Over and over we kept hearing about the legend---the double-double.  It was about 1990 when we got to actually try one for the first time. "Wow, dude...this is a pretty damn good burger" mmmmm was all we could mumble between bites.  "Yaaaa, it's the best" we decided even before we finished our first double-double. 

The Snyder's. Click to enlarge.When is In-N-Out coming to Colorado?  Rumor has it the In-N-Out Family is working on it.  They just opened in Texas a few days ago---so it can't be long now.  What's In-N-Out's connection to Aspen?  Nothing really, but the long tentacles of the legend found time to fire off a cease and desist letter to the Ajax Tavern at The Little Nell for serving their own $17 double-double (now called the double cheeseburger).  John Speers, (out of touch with reality?) was probably not even aware that In-N-Out existed.  Aspen's old In-N-Out House sandwich shop is now called Grateful Deli...we're not sure how that deal went down...but someone is grateful.

In the 20+ years since our first double-double we've refined our tastes.  First off A. Party has a burger curfew while in La Jolla---no more than one In-N-Out per month. One and done for the kid.  That's a hard and fast rule, once a month, no cheating either---Mcdonald's, BK and Wendy's are strictly forbidden.   We've also discovered "Animal Style".  Animal style is when the patties are sloshed in a special sauce (something close to thousand island) prior to being cooked on the grill.  The Pacific Beach location now has an Izzy-Style burger (see picture below).  The Izzy is a Double-Double, animal style, no lettuce and raw onions instead of cooked.  Go ahead--order it by name---you won' regret it.

The Classic Double -Double.Last night we were ordering our May double-double Izzy-style when a school bus full of suburban lacrosse players pulled into the lot.  27 hungry La Costa Canyon high-school knobs and 3 coaches formed a single  and very rowdy line.  Pandemonium had just struck the PB In-N-Out.  Luckily our order was already in ...and we had seats...so it was on.  Like a well oiled machine the In-N-Out team got after it.  It was unbelievable to watch-- a group of clean-cut, smiling young adults in the red and white uni's working together to produce stellar results. It was as if they simply turned it up a notch--- it was an incredible performance to see in person.  The boisterious and blond lax players in blue and gold were served within minutes.  It was amazing to see how fast the orders were taken and fulfilled reducing the riotous and victorious Mavericks to a quiet and satiated group of burger eaters.  The PB In-N-Out kicked out more food in 10 minutes than most places do all day. 

In-N-Out; Its the freshest highest quality fast food,  served with a friendly smile in a sparkling clean atmosphere. They keep it simple and it's the best. Can't wait until June.









The Izzy-Style. All photos courtesy of In-N-Out, except the Izzy-Style, thats mine.

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