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Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Guns n Roses blows up in Aspen.Aspen is not only the "most expensive" town...but its also the town most likely to provide you with a goggle tan and to then melt your face off with kick a$$ rock and roll.  Click 4 PIX.

It was a perfect storm of partying in Aspen last night as the Guns 'n' Roses tribute band Appetite for Destruction blew the roof off Belly Up Aspen.  Wednesdays usually don't go off so intensely, but apparently Aspen has an appetite for action...and Tiger's Blood.   A few years ago AspenSpin saw the most recent incarnation of the real GNR (with Axel and Buckethead) ....Appetite for Destruction blew 'em away.  It was as if the original GNR got back together and Galena Street was turned into the Sunset Strip.

Knock, Knock Knockin ' Click 4 photos

A super-rowdy , highly charged crowd packed Belly Up and unlike the real GNR...this show started promptly.  30 hard-core ski-testers from FREESKIER MAG got all dressed up in heavy metal garb.  Eye liner, spandex and plenty of Ed Hardy Ski flashed us back to the early 90's when GNR was in its heyday.  The crowd reached a fevered pitch as the bodies started slapping on the main floor. Appetite for Destruction did not disappoint.  Crowd surfing, slam dancing  and devils horns were prevalent. Musical highlights included Sweet Child O' Mine, Paradise City, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Don't Cry and Live and Let Die and of course Welcome to the Jungle. 

You wanna see our PARTY PIX. 


Fake Slash ripping the 6 string. Click for more sick pix.

Appetite for Destruction in Aspen. Better than GNR. Click for Pix. Nacho and the Amigos made the cover of AspenSpin. Welcome to the Jungle. Click 4 pix.

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