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The Brotherhood of the POW / PVA 2011

Its a BIG night if Colby wears the harness cam. click 4 pix.The Powder Video Awards (PVA) is the biggest night in skiing. Its the Oscars of the ski world. Powder Magazine, the best eye-candy provider in the biz, went full throttle for the 2011 PVA's. The Historic Wheeler Opera House in Aspen provided a new and exciting venue for the awards.  Erected in 1889, The Wheeler probably has never rocked harder than last Friday night. It was...

 The Brotherhood of the POW.

The White Carpet was traversed by the very best BIG Mountain skiers, filmers, photographers and their peeps.  Tuxedo's were replaced by sponsor 's hoodies, bandanas, head phones and knit caps.   Legendary rippers like Seth Morrison, Tanner Hall , Ingrid Backstrom and Sage Cattbriga-Alosa ambled their way up the stairs at The Wheeler. Production companies including Matchstick Productions (MSP Films), Teton Gravity Research (TGR) and Poor Boyz Productions brought their film crews and the best photographers on snow were represented in force.  

Click 4 all the results.  2011 PVA Results

Mitch "Rad" Scott took over duty on the mic. and kept the show moving.  Coveted  PVA Awards for Best Jib, Best Line, Best Manmade Air, Best Powder, Best POV etc .were dolled out to the superstars of skiing.  "The most outstanding POWDER skiers in the world are in Aspen tonight...and i'm proud to be sitting amongst them" admitted Andy Party, Editor of AspenSpin.com  Dana Flahr winner of the Full throttle Award explained "we all love it when its soft and deep", to which Party added "you can't put a number on someone else's fun-o-meter".

Best Photo winner: Dave Mosson.The PVA's are always a special event. Powder mag 's annual awards extravaganza attracts skiing talent from all over N. America. It's a gathering of the tribe. Skiers from Whistler, Squaw, AK,  Utah, Mammoth, Sun Valley, Montana,Telluride and even Vail.  The sickest birds on the planet show up in Aspen to share The Brotherhood of the POW.  These are people who "send it" for a living. Its not just the on-screen performers, its also the filmers and shooters who risk their lives in the "no fall zone" to get the stuff on camera.  It's clear that everyone in the room digs powder. It's a celebration unlike any other, its a special bond, a commonality, a kinship.......

The Brotherhood of the POW.Click 4 pix.

2 time winner Ahmet Dadali (best jib and breakthrough performer)with Kyle Decker and their ladies. Click 4 pix.Suzanne and The Samsung /Verizon/ Powder Girlz. click for pix.Readers Choice Winner: Tom Wallisch. Power to the People.

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