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Oscar Night in Aspen.

Oscar Night in Aspen. Click 4 Party DetailsBlogging has its privileges. AspenSpin actually scored a legit invite to the 2011 Oscars in L.A.  Yesssirrrrr  we had a Golden Ticket, and a seat high in the bleachers, probably next to a smokin' hot actress/waitress. A. Party still has a few connections outside the bubble.  We nixed the boon-doggle to Hollywood for three reasons.  1) POW EXPECTED this weekend  2) When A-Spin leaves Aspen during ski season...we only go to.....wait for it.....SNOWMASS. 3) A hoody and flannel jeans won't cut it with the fashion police on the real Red Carpet.    

Snowmass is going glam for the Oscars as ASPEN FILM is hosting their annual LIGHT's, CAMERA, OSCAR PARTY, Sunday at 5.30 pm at the VICEROY in SNOWMASS.  Click the links or the little gold men on the party invite below for all the info.  Aspen Film's Oscar party is going to be huge, an event not to be missed. Christian Bale in The Fighter. Click or Call 970-925-6882 to secure an invite.

This year's Oscar field is stacked.  There are 10 best picture nominees in 2011 and all are deserving of the honor. There were some fabulous films this year. We loved The Fighter and True Grit (thanks to Aspen Film). The Social Network and The King's Speech are both superior movies.  Black Swan is super-intense (and who doesn't want to get with Natalie Portman). Winter's Bone is one of the scariest, creepiest movies  we've seen in a long time.  127 Hours,also scary, depicts Aspen local, Aron Ralston's incredible story of survival.  The Kids are All Right is a great film with great performances and it was produced by 313 homie Gary Gilbert.... so we are rooting hard...right, GG.   The Social Network is getting all the Buzz...but we're picking THE KING's SPEECH as best picture. Hollywood  likes to think Yiddish and dress Brittish. 

The rest of AspenSpin's Oscar predictions follow below.

Yeah GG. We loved The Kids Are All RightBest Actor:  Heart says Jeff Bridges, The DUDE. Head says The King. Colin Firth.

Best Actress: Annette Benning, The Kids are All Right. Go Girl.

Best Supporting  Actor: Christian Bale, The Fighter... amazing (a sure thing).

Best Supporting Actress: Jackie Weaver, Animal Kingdom (great flick, crazy villainess)

Best Director:  David Fincher, The Social Network...give 'em that one.

Worst Picture:  Inception ..sorry Leo.

Drinks, munchies, prizes, movie trivia, a killer silent auction and special room rates at Viceroy.  This is going to be good. A Powder Day, spa treatments, a BIG TIME Oscar Party with Aspen Film and super-posh dog-friendly accommodations.   Shoot bro...it looks like Aspen Spin is going beyond the traffic circle for the first time this season.



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