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Escobar in Aspen.

Escobar. Aspen's hottest spot.Wanna get your drink on?  Wanna party like it's 1999?   Wanna GO BIG..or go home?  Everybody keeps asking us "What's the hottest party spot in Aspen?"  Right here, right now...the answer is ESCOBAR.

Escobar.  Yeah Esse, thaz right ... an Aspen night club named after a deceased drug lord. 

7 young entrepreneurs recently reincarnated the Fly Bar as the hottest entertainment venue in Aspen.  Housed in the fuselage of a private plane, Escobar has been attracting a young, hip and beautiful crowd to 426 E. Hyman.  Ever since  December 30, 2010---the night they first turned it up to 11 in Aspen.  Get there early, be polite to Jeff, (the bouncer), dress to get undressed and prepare yourself to party at Escobar. 

Andrew rules 80's night.The Escobar ownership consortium led by Ryan Chadwick has reinvigorated the entire club scene in Aspen. Escobar is literally blowing the roof off the Hyman Street Mall with a variety of killer DJ's and special events. The GodFather of Aspen DJ's is DJ NAKA G. When he's not being flown around the world to create the musical vibe at the Olympics, X Games and the coolest private BIG TIME bashes he is spinning the wheels of steel at Escobar. ECHO DaFUNK is the loudest mother f#*&er East of Denver. 80's Tuesdays is a big hig hit with the ladies...get there.

The Boyz---most of whom are pictured below are takin' it to the next level.  Ryan, Andrew, Ian, Shay, Colter, Bridger and the kid from CT are all gentlemen.  They are running a  first class operation.  We are proud to be their former neighbor.   If you really wanna GO BIG in Aspen....step up, call ahead for the bottle service at ESCOBAR.

Even regular guys get plenty of play from the ladies when they spring 4 VIP bottle service at Escobar.Shay's in Play at Escobar Aspen. Bridger and his Mom at Esocbar in Aspen.

Ian getting it done behind the bar.

waaaaaz up? at Escobar Aspen











Escobar often hosts entertainers, artists and BIG time bloggers.

Colter and Brittany in the VIP at Escobar.

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