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The Best Guys in Aspen

Two of AspenSpin's favorite guys in Aspen are getting busy. 

Raifie Bass and Chris Klug are both survivors and transplant recipients.  It wasn't long ago that both of these guys were laying on their death beds reflecting on their lives which appeared to be almost over.  Raifie and Chirs both faced down critical illnesses and came out on top.  Before they got sick, both Raife and Chris led incredibly active lives.  They are still doing that today, thank God.  Both overcame tremendous odds, so this is a a happy story....yeaaaaah. While, disease presented a huge obstacle to Raifie and CK, they both survived and now they are both prepping for the future. 

The Basses. Click to enlargeRaifie, is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He is a husband to Michelle and father of two super-active boys, Max and Andy plus 2 Pugs.  He works in Real Estate, he shreds, he bikes, he plays rec hockey, loves live music and he has an incredible hockey memorabilia collection. He is leading a normal life after a near death bout with Cancer. Raife is highly engaged with Aspen's Cancer Survivors Center and a big time hockey dad to the Aspen Squirt B's who are in the midst of a record setting season and on their way to the prestigious Silver Stick tournament finals in Canada.

The Klugs. Click to EnlargeChris is loved by everyone who meets him.  He is married to Missy and Daddy to 6 month old baby Bali.  He is a 3-Time Olympian, a Bronze Medal winner in 2002, and one of the best athletes in Aspen. He recently retired from the professional snowboard tour.  He too works in Real Estate... when he's not adventure racing, surfing, commentating, giving motivational speeches or tirelessly working for the Chris Klug Foundation (CKF).  Chris knows he's lucky to be alive.  Critical liver problems almost ended it all, but a different number came up and Chris received the gift of life in the form of a liver transplant.

Click to Pledge This Weekend, Dec 9-11, 2011, CKF is hosting their 6th Annual Summit for Life uphill climb on Aspen Mountain.  More than 500 hearty soles will hike, skin-ski or snowshoe up 3,267 vertical feet to the top of Ajax.  This event raises money and awareness for organ and tissue donation. Click SUMMIT 4 LIFE to get all the facts, to pledge,  to participate.

Raife's cause is a little less serious, but no less fun.  The Aspen Squirt B's went down to Denver and won the prestigious Silver Stick Tournament. They are only Aspen team in more than 30 years to win their region.  As Rocky Mountain Champions, they will travel to Canada to represent Aspen at the International Silver Stick Finals Tournament in January.  The Squirts (age 9-11) are trying to raise money to fund their trip.  You can help the kids out...click:  ASPEN SQUIRT B's. 

If you don't love Raifie Bass and Chris Klug...you don't like people.  They're both all-around great guys.  When I hear the phrase Joie de Vivre (joy of life) I think of my pals Raifie and CK. Please, if you can, dig deep and support the Chris Klug Foundation and Aspen Squirt B's.  Share the wealth and the Joie de vivre.

After hiking himself...Chris is the official greeter at The Summit for Life.

How can you say no? The Aspen Squirt B's. Rocky Mountain Champs. Photo: Raifie Bass click to donate.


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