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Gore-Tex is my Homie

Gore-Tex Brand is throwing a super-sweet contest.  It's fun, easy and free.

You can win a deluxe head-to-toe package of Gore-Tex gear from The North Face, Patagonia, Marmot and Arc' Teryx.  All you have to do is tell YOUR STORY.  You can enter on Facebook...just share YOUR STORY about how Gore-Tex gear delivered for you when it counted during an outdoor experience.

ENTER the GORE-TEX contest,  through Dec. 15.


AspenSpin was disqualified from the contest due to our status as a "professional writer", but we do have a story about Gore-Tex gear coming through for us.

It was a chilly August morning in San Francisco.  As most of you know Summer in SF can be quite cold and windy.  We joined in for a boat trip with an observation group from  The Oceanic Society  The 10 hour "cruise" was to the Farallon Islands National Wilderness Area, a.k.a. , the Devils Teeth, 27 miles off the Coast of San Fran.  The Farallons are a known breeding ground for Great White Sharks. 

The Devil's Teeth near San Francisco.Thinking ahead, we layered up, because as it turned out, it was freezing out on the open Ocean.  6' to 8' foot seas and gusting winds.  Suffice to say everyone on the boat got soaked and almost everyone barfed.

AspenSpin was prepared; I wore a Gore-Tex hooded shell jacket and pants made by the The North Face as my outer layer.  It was an old ski outfit I had stashed in S.F.  It was brrrrrr chilly, brrrrr to the bone (like you wouldn't believe) even despite wool layers and a down vest underneath.  My Gore-Tex outerwear kept me completely dry.  Some of my shipmates did not fare so well...they were sopping wet through and through.

As I thawed out with an Irish Coffee at the World Famous Buena Vista Cafe (where the drink was introduced to the U.S.),  I thanked my lucky stars that my outer layer was made with Gore-Tex. I was dry and warming up fast.  Gore-Tex paid off for me.

Your story is probably better than mine, so give it a try. Share it and win. Compose YOUR STORY and bring home some stylie, breathable, robust, technical clothing made with GORE-TEX. 


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