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Aspen: It's a Ski Town, Bro!

Aspen, Colorado is a small and very beautiful town.  A high alpine village at 8000 ft. at the end of the road.  Once the snow hit's the mountains there's only one way in...and...one way out.   Aspen means a lot of different thing to different people.  The restaurants, the shopping, the art galleries, the Aspen Institute , the night life,  the music and culture, the development opportunities, the snow polo.  Everyone has their own individual reasons for loving Aspen and their own definition of the Aspen Idea... Body, Mind and Spirit.

AspenSpin has an announcement to make.  Aspen:  It's a SKI TOWN, Bro!!!

Aspen has a reputation of being a playground for the rich and famous, of being over-the-top expensive,  the glitz and the glamour ...the see and be seen mentality.  Sure--some of that is true, but this past weekend Aspen reaffirmed it's position as THE CAPITOL of SKIING (and snowboarding). 

The Nordic Track. Click 4 Pix.Nordic Skiing is not the first Olympic sport that rolls off your lips, yet Aspen has produced 2 world class NORDIC Skiers; NOAH HOFFMAN and SIMI HAMILTON.  Both are members of the U.S. Ski Team, World Cup competitors and Olympic hopefuls for 2014 in Sochi.   Funding is always tight in the nordic world and this year the U.S. Ski Team has reduced their level of support.  The Aspen Community came together last weekend at The Limelight Lodge to throw a fundraising event for our local boys, Noah and Simi.   The Limelight was packed with well wishers and philanthropic minded locals. Approximately $40,000 was raised to help support the Olympic dreams of Noah and Simi.  Aspen Local and 1980 U.S. Olympic Nordic team Captain Craig Ward emceed the event and said " it takes a community to make an Olympian".  The generosity and support of the Aspen Community was out in full force.  U.S. Ski Team mates Sylvan Ellefson (Vail) and Tad Elliot (Durango) attended the festivities as a sign of solidarity.  Parents, teachers, coaches, neighbors and friends celebrated having 4 of the top 8 U.S. Nordic skiers in the U.S. in the house. Contact and support the guys directly at www.hoff.colorado@gmail.com  and www.simihamilton.com The money raised will allow Noah and Simi to compete at full throttle all winter.


Like There's No Tomorrow. It's a Ski Town. Click 4 Pix.Warren Miller's 62nd annual ski film... LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW had 3 screenings at the historic Wheeler Opera House is Aspen.   Like There's No Tomorrow did not disappoint the rowdy crowds at the Wheeler.  Two of Aspen's local heros, brothers Chris Davenport and Ted Davenport lit up the screen starring in the film's best segments.  Chris was featured in 2 scenes, first he conquered New Hampshire's historic Tuckerman Ravine. Tuckerman's, a large glacial cirque on Mt. Washinton is known to have some of the worst weather in the world and has long been a proving ground for the East Coast's top skiers.  As always, Dav made it look easy ripping on all snow conditions (including ice) with his ever present quiver of Kastle Skis.   Chris was featured in a second segment skiing huge peaks in the Andes near Portillo, Chille with Julia Mancuso (AspenSpin's favorite skier). 

Little Bro, Ted Davenport sent some sick lines in the Southern Alps on New Zealand's South Island.  Ted,  a two-time World Heli Challenge Champion showed some of the skills that put him on top of the podium. Face shots, cliff hucks and pillow drops are all every day occurrences in Ted World.  Currently recovering from a horrific crash in last year's competition, Ted the Shred should be back on skis (and B.A.S.E. jumping) soon.


Spyder VIP's at Aspen Sports. click 4 pix.Colorado based SPYDER brought their A-Team to Aspen for the weekend in the larger than life Spyder Antidote Winabago.    TOMMY MOE (Olympic Downhill Gold Medalist),  JULIAN CARR (big mountain ripper and founder of Discrete), JAKE ZAMANSKY (Aspen local and Olympian) along with The DAV's hosted a VIP autograph session at ASPEN SPORTS on the Cooper Street Mall.   The Aspen Sport's Spyder Concept shop pulled out all the stops for an intimate, family friendly meet-n-greet.

Click 4 Pix:  ASPEN SPORTS / SPYDER   VIP Event.

AspenSpin experienced a milestone for which we are extremely proud.  We received a brief cameo appearance in Warren Miller's LIKE THERE's NO TOMORROW.  AspenSpin can't get on Plum TV, but we made the Warren Miller Movie...and they can never tke that away.  You'll have to pay attention to see our "segment", but heads up, it's in the first 2 minutes of the film.  A-Spin's  2 1/2 seconds of fame was captured by Colby James West's POV shoulder cam at the 2011 Powder Video Awards and made the big screen thanks to Warren Miller Enterprises.  What a rush for A. Party; to be in the audience and to unexpectedly see yourself on the HUGE screen....yeeeeeeeah.  We love this place.

It's not even Halloween yet and AJAX is covered with snow. This weekend Aspen hosted Olympic Champions, World Champions and Olympic hopefuls and the greatest Warren Miller Movie ever (we're a little biased).

Yeah...it might be a lot of different things to a lot of differnt people---but ASPEN is a SKI TOWN, BRO...and don't forget it.

Click 4 Pix   THE NORDIC TRACK     and    ASPEN:  It's a SKI TOWN, BRO!!

These guys are ready to RIP. Tim, Schultz, Pearl and Chris at Warrewn Miller. click 4 pix.Olympic Gold medalists, World Champs, First to scale the 14ers. It's a SKI Town. click 4 pixThe Spyder / Aspen Sports VIP Events brought out all the rippers. Click 4 pix.

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what do most ski vacation packages here include? thanks

November 23, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterski vacation packages

there are packages to meet every need. what are u looking for?

November 23, 2011 | Registered CommenterAspen Spin

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