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Aspen Winterskol / ZG Shuffle

AspenSpin has done Winterskol before.  Its not our first Snowdeo.  A-Spin's take on Winterskol is very different from the ACRA version.  In the past we've reported on the pet parade, the ice sculptures, soupskol, etc ....plenty of good clean fun for sure..... but pretty vanilla.  Look for that side of the story on the "official" websites such as IsDerangedAspen and RealNewAspen etc. etc.

AspenSpin was out there this year...night and day.  Forced  to stay up past 2 a.m. by a pesky new neighbor, our editor Andy Party rolled with the thump thump thump of the bass and hit every event for Aspen's WinterSkol 2011....sanctioned or not..  Suffice to say-- there's a lot going on. 

If you like pix--click; (more to come).

ZG Shuffle / Gimme Shelter.

Prepare to pole dance at EscoBar.

I wanna B a Rock Star at The Wheeler. The Henchman of Demo Team Aspen. james Bond Party.

 Men's and Women's Health swag tent with First Ascent CheeseBurger Soup with fries. Johnny McGuire's at SoupSkol

Ghostland Observatory sent Aspen into a frenzy.

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Reader Comments (1)

Had I been there... woulda been wilder !

January 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCraig (SkiRacer) Richwine

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