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Putting the A$$ back in Aspen.... by Honey 

Honey and her Pole Cats train and perform throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.  Honey (a.k.a. Holly Miely) contributed this story to AspenSpin , it appears unedited. Honey is shown in action in the photos below. She can be contacted at 970-274-1564 or poledance@comcast.net

Who knew fitness could be so sexy??  By now most people have either seen it, heard about it or tried it; Pole Dancing. Pole Dancing has made a major movement into the fitness world and is an amazing display or beauty, strength and grace, not to mention a killer workout!

Pole dancing requires the strength and flexibility of a gymnast and the grace of a dancer. A typical class will begin with a dancer warm-up followed by deep stretching and then pole tricks, spins, lifts, inversions, holds and dance. Pole dancing is inherently motivating as each class you learn something new and the desire to learn more advanced tricks will keep you coming back. Unlike lifting weights or traditional workouts, you walk away from a class with a new skill. In addition, you use your own body weight to build amazing upper body, core and lower body muscles in a functional way. Believe me lifting yourself upside down with grace and fluidity is not easy!

Pole dancing is also an amazing confidence booster. Women (and men!) of all ages, sizes and backgrounds attend  classes and all report a feeling of sexiness and confidence they carry into their daily lives.

Honey has taken things a step further by doing public pole dance performances around Colorado and even into California. She considers her performances to be a mix of “Cirque Du Soleil meets Pussycat Dolls.” It is performance art at its sexiest!  Honey reports that most on lookers are always wowed by the athleticism and strength she displays with grace and beauty. Honey performs in solo performances as well as with a dance troupe she put together under the name “Honey’s PoleCat Revue” which is an entire show including 6 pole dancers, belly dancers and fire dancers.

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