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Action Sports = ASR

Smile, pass it on. click 4 pix.AspenSpin knows what you'll be wearing in 2011 .....and we likeeeee.

We crushed it at ASR (Action Sports Retailers) in San Diego and got a glimpse of next years action sports fashions and equipment.  We got the break down on board shorts, the skinny on skate shoes and the 411 on hard goods.  ASR is an industry trade show that unites over 750 Action Sports brands together with the retailers who sell them.  Huge established lifestyle resources network alongside emerging start-ups vying to make their mark.  The retailers are able to preview collections and do their buying for next year.  ASR is really 4 shows in one, ASR (lifestyle clothing), Crossroads (skate), Sacred Craft (surf) and Class @ ASR (boutique lines). 

Everybody was playing show and tell at ASR, and AspenSpin loved the action,  the free stuff and models, models and more models. 


Click the pix    ASR = Action   and   STICKERS, CAPS and TEEs .

A-Spin's observations;

* The Sky is not falling (like last year).  The crowd was upbeat and optimistic.

* Bright colors and bold patterns will carry the day in 2011.

* Nike, a huge player and their subsidiary Hurley skipped ASR.

* Skate/Surf brands are becoming much more business savvy... out of necessity... given today's difficult economic environment and competition from "vertical" retailers. You need a biz plan brah.

*Moto is a huge emerging market segment, eg: Fox and Metal Mulisha

* Head phones are the new sunglasses-- super hot accessory item.

* The ultimate buyers of action sports merchandise have surprisingly high demographics.

* Lots of emerging brands are trying to appeal to today's dis-enfranchised youth.  Black palettes, Skulls and Tattoo inspired designs and tons of trucker hats.


ONEILL:  Hyperfreak Board Shorts are the best, they are the pace setters.

SANUK:  They're not shoes, they're sandals, and they are super comfy.

CONTOUR: Wearable HD Camcorders  1080p.  Super-slick, easy to use, light, durable.

DEUCE BRAND:  Sport Watches.  Look good, play good.

INDO BOARD:  Great training tool for balance, strength and fitness.

FOX: Well known in the moto world, new to us. Hottest models.

VANS:  So California.

MOVEMBER:  Promoting men's heath world wide.

Click the pix they say it all    ASR = Action   and STICKERs, CAPS, and TEEs.

Tarp Surfing at ASR. click for pix.

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