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Sexploitation, Art and Crime in Aspen

Associated Press
07/15/10 1:30 PM PDT

The verdict is in. Click here.

ASPEN, COLO. — A trial is under way for a former Aspen police officer charged with placing a video camera in a shower used by his teenage stepdaughter.

Joe Holman is charged with attempted sexual exploitation of a child and attempted criminal invasion of privacy. He resigned in June 2009 after the allegation surfaced.

In opening statements Wednesday, defense attorney H. Lawson Wills said the camera didn't work and that Holman had put it in the shower on an impulse because he was angry at the girl and knew she would find it and become upset.

Prosecutor Jonathan Pototsky argued that Holman wanted to videotape the girl in the nude.

Holman is also charged with tampering with evidence. His lawyer has acknowledged Holman destroyed the camera after the girl found it.

Read More; click  Aspen Cop Sex Trial  and Aspen Cop part 2 
In an unrelated story, an alleged Art Forgery at Royal Street Gallery

Royal Street Art Investigation

No Charges Filed in Gallery Case

ASPEN, CO - 07/14/2010 - The Aspen Police Department has conducted a thorough investigation into complaints of possible fraud and forgery involving art sales at Royal Street Gallery, and has concluded that allegations against the owners of the gallery are unfounded. The original case was opened in October 2009.

The case is still currently open and active, while investigators intend to continue pursuing information related to the original complaint. The gallery and its owners are not suspect in the continuing aspect of the investigation.

Because of intense media scrutiny in this case, the Aspen Police Department is putting out this limited statement about the status of the case.

If anyone has more information regarding this case, please contact the Aspen Police at (970) 920-5400. For questions, contact Community Relations Specialist Stephanie Dasaro.

Read more; click  Crimes of Art

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