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La Jolla Spin

A. Party @ Neptune HQ.Like any super-successful media franchise, AspenSpin always takes a hiatus for the Summer.  This year we are cribbing in La Jolla, Ca.  We like to get outside the bubble once in a while.  It makes us appreciate Aspen that much more.  A-Spin hasn't been past the traffic circle since Thanksgiving.  Honestly.....its a little scary out here.

Hanging with the grommets (surf kids), breezy's (young chicks) esse's (latin bro's) and the leather faced 60 year old surfer dudes at Windansea Beach has been fantastic.  Ocean swims, boogie sessions and SUP (stand-up paddling) has replaced shredding the gnar. Traffic and "the commute"is a major problem in California and gas is like $3.89 a gallon, so we just avoid "rush hour" completely.  We roll the streets of La Jolla on a single gear beach cruiser.  "Yaaaaa doooooude" asked the sun-kissed, scraggily, mega-tatooed Spicoli clone "why are your legs so pale and your toes so mangled?" I LOL'd. "I live in Aspen, bro". He just nodded and said "riiiiiiiiiiight". Daniel Neukomm & Toby at La Jolla Group in Irvine.

AspenSpin's reputation for being a swag depository preceded us to So. Cal.   Daniel Neukomm a former Aspen local, now helps develop strategic initiatives with the La Jolla Group(LJG) a privately held branded clothing company.  Ironically, LJG was having a party, "ya wanna come?"  Neukomm dm'd on FB.  "hELLLS YEAH" we replied.  LJG handles the California brands.. O'neill, Rusty, Lost, Metal Mulisha and their newest line True Love & False Idols (TLFI).    The Get Busy Committee, a hip hop crew from LA wuz playing a gig at LJG HQ. for  TGIF at TLFI.  Oh, FAC? B there.

Like 2Pac said: California ......knows how to PARTY. 


BIG TIME fun at La Jolla Group jam session.Get Busy Committee at La Jolla Group for True Love & False Idols.

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