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Windansea Memorial Day

Memorial Day stimulates many memories.  At Windansea Beach in La Jolla a new tradition was started in 2010.  5/31/10 was a day of Aloha in honor of Emery Kauanui Jr. a pro surfer who died at age 24 on Memorial Day 2007. He was murdered by the La Jolla street gang, know as the Bird Rock Bandits.   A street fight outside his mom's house on Draper resulted in a fractured skull when his head hit the concrete.  5 local bullies went to the slammer. Click Bird Rock Bandits to review the case.

Windansea is a sweet reef break. Its really not much of a beach. It's more a series of secret rocky coves than a sandy playground.  The smoooooth sculptured rocks, ever-changing from the massive power of the Ocean create some tricky rips.  Its a highly localized break, but so far nobody has challenged us to fight.  The daily crew consists of a bunch of old-timers (mostly living in their vans), some post-yuppie beemer types, a few tatted out tweeker lookin' dudes (who don't surf) and plenty of super - steezy young groms. 

A few shots from the 1st Annual Emery Kauanui Jr.  DAY of ALOHA.


Cincy Kauanui, Emery's Mom, far left hosted the event.

Up close and personal with the Hula Girlz.

Biker and his dog. Tongue shot.

 Windansea Beach in La Jolla. Memorial Day 2010.

San Diego County Lifeguards. All biz at Windansea

 Sunset Session at Windansea



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