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Secrets of Aspen (Cancelled?).

VH1 Secrets of Aspen; Take a hike...really.Word around Fat City is that Secrets of Aspen on VH1 won't be back for season two. Admittedly we've watched all 7 episodes. The climactic world grand finale is scheduled for Feb 21. To re-cap, we already won our bet-(the over/under on jacuzzi scenes). We got cyber-stalked by a 33 year old (check the validity) fake-mole wearing, she-devil "actress" who says she's local to Aspen--but isn't. Her claim to fame; guys pay her to leave. The time slot was pushed to 11 pm--not exactly prime-time, so the proverbial writing seems to be on the wall. 

Jacuzzi scenes in Aspen from VH1 pay off BIG for AspenSpinCovering all bases, AspenSpin wanted to get an external review of Secrets of Aspen from a female 's perspective.The following post is from the keyboard of talented author Christina Pryor. We present her work un-edited.  Thanks CAP.

Christina Pryor 

February 10, 2010 

“Secrets of Aspen”: Where are the Secrets? 

      “Secrets of Aspen” is three hours of my life I’ll never get back. I admit to being a serious reality show junkie – I’ll even watch “The Bachelor” or “Jersey Shore.” But these shows have one thing “Secrets of Aspen” is sorely lacking: a plot.

      I can’t pretend to be any kind of local (I’ve been here for four months), so I’m not offended by VH1’s depiction of our little mountain town. It’s impossible when the only reminder that this is Aspen is the beautiful outdoor footage and the scenes at local restaurants. This could be “The Real Housewives of Orange County” with mountains in place of the beach.

      But “Secrets of Aspen” has to be the worst show on TV. The majority of the past seven episodes have involved screaming matches between the overly botoxed cougars with no semblance of a storyline. Laura says something to Erin or Brooke and they fight with Ben who gets drunk and...that’s about it. There’s barely a local to be seen except at the parties or the poor guys that are these ladies’ targets.

      An acquaintance of mine went up to one of the “Secrets of Aspen” ladies one night over the holidays and said, “OMG! J-Woww! How are you?!” The girl of course did what she does best and stormed off in a huff. To that I say, you wish you were J-Woww, honey. At least “Jersey Shore” brings the drama – and its stars are raking in the cash to prove it. Let’s hope “Secrets of Aspen” doesn’t get picked up for a second season. I’d rather watch paint dry.

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Reader Comments (3)

You hit the nail on the head guys....I 'wanted to puke a little when I saw the trailer' but I am still honest to God nauseous.....self described so-called 'actress' is right and that is awesome, guys pay her to leave....That's what Charlie Sheen used to say about his high end hookers, ur not paying then for the sex, ur paying for them to get out....perfect, and I dunno about the over under on Jacuzzi scenes but I would bet what I payed to go to the Super Bowl this POS does not get picked up for 'season 2'

February 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDr_Ken

i think you're the only person who watched that shitty show.

February 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterdork7

Dear Christina,
We are French journalists planning a tv report in Aspen end of Novembre, mid-December.
The purpose is to tell the story of the resort, from it's creation til now.
I understand, after having read your post, you are living there, or in the area.
Is it the case ?
If yes, would you please accept to answer me by email ?
We are loooking for people agree to be interviewed.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Dorothée Ponthieux
(33-1) 41 41 68 83
+ 8 hours jet lag (10 am in Aspen, 18 pm in Paris)

November 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDorothée Ponthieux

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