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The Golden Triangle / X Games 14 (Day 4)

When AspenSpin.com refers to the Golden Triangle, we're usually talkin' 'bout Facebook, Twitter and our blog.  This weekend in Aspen, Colorado the Golden Triangle consists World Class Athletes, X Games and GOING HUGE.  Sunday 10 more Gold Medals were earned, a HIGH AIR WORLD RECORD was set ( yeah!!! P.O. ---froggy style, Allegiance represents) and a Winter X attendance record was set.  Despite copious amounts of Red Bull and Monster, AspenSpin's  motor is running slow today.  Click these GOLDEN pix (captions below) and look for A-Spin's ALL ACCESS re-cap tomorrow (editing 1000's of photos right now).   Thanks to ESPN, Aspen/Snowmass and all those kids---X Games 14 ---book it.  






1. Peter Olenick  GOLD  SuperPipe HIGH AIR w/ bro Michael.  Photo: AspenSpin.com

2. Eero Ettala  GOLD Slopestyle Snowboard w/ T. Hall   Photo: AspenSpin.com

3. PO goes WORLD RECORD in HIGH AIR.  Photo: Nate Abbott/shazamm/ESPN images

4. Kevin Roland (kev VEEN Ro Laaaan) GOLD Superpipe. Photo: Heather Rousseau/shazamm/ESPN

5. Tyler Walker  GOLD Mono X (sickest event) .  Photo:  Lars Eric Bakke/shazamm/ESPN

6.  Tucker Hibbert w/ wife Mandi.  5-time Sno-cross GOLD.  Photo: AspenSpin.com

7.  Levi Lavalle (w/ A. Party) GOLD Snomobile Knockout.  Photo: AspenSpin.com


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