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AspenSpin goes Hollywood

When you live in a small mountain town...at the end of the road you don't always get to see all the hottest  Hollywood films.  Aspen, Colorado, however, is a little different than the typical Rocky Mountain hamlet.  Hollywood comes to Aspen.   

Thanks to Aspen Film and their 20th annual Academy Screenings  Aspen gets an opportunity to see all the most important movies.  Tonight marks the opening night of programming for the very popular film series that runs from Dec 22-Jan1.  Hoooray for Aspen Film for being Independent by Nature and allowing us mountain folk to see some of the finest films of 2010/11.  The slate is full of outstanding films including Black Swan with Natalie Portman, Company Men starring Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner, Barney's Version headlined by Paul Giamatti and Dustin Hoffman and Casino Jack lead by Kevin Spacey.   That's just a few of the many great films slated for Aspen---click ACADEMY SCREENINGS for a full schedule.

AspenSpin is scheduled to see THE FIGHTER on opening night (Dec. 22) and TRUE GRIT tomorrow night. We are especially excited by these two offerings. Expectations are high.  We love boxing flicks and Marky Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale are two of the most intense actors in show biz. They even made the latest cover of Sports Illustrated (below). The Fighter should be a dooozy.  True Grit stars the coolest guy in Hollywood--- the Dude, Jeff Bridges. AspenSpin had a chance to meet Jeff Bridges and his wife last summer---and he is truly a gentleman and a tinsel town legend.  You may recall the original True Grit and John Wayne's Oscar winning performance made in 1969. Helmed by the Coen Brothers,  the new version of TRUE GRIT is getting tremendous buzzzz in NYC and LA.  See it tomorrow in Aspen.

So grab a date, corral the family, review the schedule....this may be your only chance to see some of these films (unless you live in LA or New York).  Click Aspen Film for all the info.



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