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Aspen:The Fittest Town in the World with Rip-Core /FX

Aspenites take their fitness training very seriously.  To fully embrace the Mountain Lifestyle in Aspen, one has to be in shape and be ready to hike, bike, climb and ski all year long. The Aspen Club is one of the most progressive and well respected fitness facilities on the globe. Its not unusual to see World Class athletes at The Aspen Club working out or re-habbing.  Lance Armstrong, Matina Navratilova, David Robinson and Alex Rodriguez choose The Aspen Club to get (or stay) in shape.  Regular folks work out at The Aspen Club too, its not just Olympians and Professional Athletes ---although the gym at The Aspen Club is a good place to find the pros.   

Bill and Pete prep the group for Rip-Core/FX Innovation met motivation at The Aspen Club recently with the official launch of RIP-CORE/FX a new training tool and fitness technique developed right here in Aspen.  RIP-CORE/FX is a simple yet effective fitness method that focuses on spinal stability, core fitness and functional strength.  Rip-Core looks easy, but after a 20 minute mini-session led by Olympic medalist Chris Klug,the sweat was flowing heavily.  About 60 people worked out with Rip-Core at the launch event at the Aspen Club.  Rip-Core/FX allows for 3 dimentional exercise, keeping one's spine in a neutral position at all times.  Rip-Core builds strength, flexibility, stability, balance and power---- all you need to supply is the athletic talent. 

Bill Fabrocini and Pete Holman the guys behind Rip-Core/FXInvented by world renown physical therapist Bill Fabrocini and former Tae Kwon-do National Champ Pete Holman --both Aspen Locals,  Rip-Core/ Fx is poised to take off.  The equipment is highly portable, so its easy to take on the road and with a wide variety of Rip-Core excercises you can get a full body work-out in a very short time. 

To learn more, click  RIP-CORE/ FX  or inquire at The Aspen Club. RIP-CORE will be coming soon to your neighborhood gym.  You don't have to be an Olympian,  but RIP-CORE can help you train like one. 

 Bronze Medalist and 2-time Olympian Chris Klug leads a group session with RIP-CORE/FX X-Games Gold Medalist Peter Olenick getting ready to rip with RIP-CORE/ FX RIP-CORE/FX can help anyone gain strength, flexibility and power.

The RIP-Core / FX dream team. Michael David Cook, Chris Klug and Pete Holman.

The first group class at the Rip-Core/FX Launch at The Aspen Club

Aspen Club's Michael Fox and Rip-Core's Bill Fabrocini and Bianca Holman enjoyed the successful launch event for RIP-CORE/FX

Could Andy-Party's core get any more ripped? Doubtful.



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