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Aspen: No Secrets

It turns out that AspenSpin.com is highly searchable.

CBS 4 in Denver (CBS is a spin-off of Viacom) found us and put us on the news at 6.  Is the VH1 show, Secrets of Aspen, really news?  Is AspenSpin.com really a source?  It's all  BULL SH*t if you ask me?  That's Andrew M. Israel speaking---not AspenSpin.

Sumner Redstone / Secrets of AspenIf Viacom and Sumner Redstone think this non-original crap can sell Taco Bell's new "drive-thru diet"--so be it.  Wut up dude-bro? Aspen doesn't  even have a Taco Bell???  If America wants to watch the mindless drivel and waste 22 minutes a week---so be it.  If the girlz wanna air their dirty laundry on national TV, so be it. 

We like Jersey Shore  waaaaaaay better anyway.  Oh, ---- but that's MTV, another Viacom Network, sister to VH1. 

Wonder if Pauly D. and The Situation could learn to ski or ride? ----- now that would be a show ----bi---atch.  Doubt they could keep up, but you heard it here first.  Bring Pauly D. and The Situation out to Aspen to "get down to business"  w/ the Secrets of Aspen.  Think of the permutations---- it'll be bigger than The Hills.  Come on Viacom, get creative.  related Story click here http://bit.ly/showho

Real Life in Aspen is better than TV. NUFF SAID.  Party/Out.

The Secrets of Aspen vs. Jersey Shore. Click me.Secrets of Aspen

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Reader Comments (1)

that was pathetic but entertaining. but puts the real women of aspen down. the show should of been called the secrets of el jebel no affense to that little hamlet. but the main character tried selling every ski town in the country.when the next episode.

January 5, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersemel2020

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