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Aspen: Messy Vitality

There is a weird vibe in Aspen this season.

Getting rowdy in the gondy. Click 2 enlarge.We've been trying to figure it out for weeks.  What's up in Aspen?  Everybody seems to be hating on something.  Despite the fact that Aspen is still a beautiful mountain paradise, the vibe is off.  Maybe its the economy??   Maybe its all the medical cannabis??  Maybe its the stratification and bifurcation of the Aspen clientele??  We've said it before, Aspen is the town of 5000 residents and 100,000 opinions, but what's up with all the negativism??? All the lawsuits?? All the squabling??

Developers vs. Preservationists.  City Council vs. Developers. Ski Co. vs. Locals. Mayor Mick vs. The Red Ant.  Les Wexner vs. Pitkin County. Charlie Sheen vs. his Wife. The Secrets of Aspen vs. the Reality of Aspen. The Little Nell and Viceroy vs. their "owners".  Censorship vs. Freedom of speech. Traffic vs. pedestrians.  Scott DeGraff vs. everybody.  There seems to be a higher level of conflict in Aspen this Winter, and AspenSpin is getting sick of it.  What used to be considered "MESSY VITALITY" is now just a mess.

A visit 2 Jerry's Shrine. Click 2 enlarge.After weeks of analysis---we figured it out.  Its the NO SNOW factor.  Where are the freshies?   Yep, it's true, despite Ski Co. and ACRA's best promotional efforts---Aspen has not had a banner snow year ---so far.  We hate to admit it in front of all the marketing and PR professionals that read our sh*t, but its a fact.  NO SNOW ----bums people out in Aspen.  The skiing has been decent----for what it is---- super -duper hard packed conditions.  We've had plenty of beautiful sunny, bluebird days----but very little POW POW. A-Spin likes it soft.  The softer the better.

Everybody has a snow dance, right?  We all need to start doin' the dance. So get up up off o dat thang---and shake it till u feel better. Pray to Ullr, flame a bonfire, seed the clouds, fight global warming.  Lets all do what we need to do to get the POWDER flowing again.  A-Spin wants to break out the fatties ASAP.  C'mon people, let's get on it.

Photo Op. at the TOP. click 2 Enlarge.Take an Epic Ski Day w/ Weems. click 2 Enlarge

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Reader Comments (2)

I have a feeling it is both lack of snow and the economy

January 14, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterwilliamson russ

My family couldn't agree more, and so we did our snow dance by the hot tub of the Limelight Pool over the weekend.

It seems we need more combined energy. Andy, you organize it and all bring in the families, maybe we should film it and put it on utube. Let's get the energy working and have a pow wow for more pow pow!

January 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJillian

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