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Boo-Tay by da Bay

Jamie Kennedy & Jennifer Love Hewitt coupled up backstage in SF. Click 2 enlarge.Jamie Kennedy is a very funny a guy.  He proved it again, Saturday night during his SRO  comedy show @ Cobb's in San Francisco. 

We first met JK at the last ever HBO Comedy Fest. in Aspen.  He was stumping his movie "the Heckler", ripping a few lines (snow boarding on Ajax) and acting all afro & sh*t. He was hot off his incendiary work as B-Rad in "Malibu's Most Wanted". Jamie's Hollywood star-power attracted plenty of attention from the lurking danger kitty's in Aspen's late night venues, but his "game" didn't appear to be all-star caliber. 

2 years later Kennedy is packing houses with his stand-up act and starring in Ghost Whisperer on TV.  Best of all he's dating Jennifer Love Hewitt.  They came out as a couple a few months back. WOW---we did not see that coming.  JK and JLH are all over the tabloids.  Love was certainly in the air in romantic San Francisco.  Jamie's excellent 1 hour routine still goes "blue" and he drops plenty of F-bombs and he still slips into his "black-cent", but when the spotlight dimmed, he got to take Jennifer Love Hewitt home. "M'lady".  Who's laughing now?  Great show!!  Aspen Spin was behind the velvet rope.

Bimbo's 365 Club, SF. Since 1931Same night, 100 yards down Columbus Ave. in North Beach @ the historic  Bimbo's 365 Club, a pair of out of control party bands were just getting warmed up.  NEVERLAND, a 15 piece Michael Jackson tribute band played their first gig ever. They sported 3 vocalists and a full horn section.  Neverland ripped through all the MJ hits, maybe better than the original.  Honestly,----we were blown away, and they were just the warm-up act.  The headliner, SUPERBOOTY was beyond description.  2 sets, 18 members, 5 hottie dancers and a 70's play list that never stopped.  $3 beers and a capacity crowd made Bimbo's  365 in North Beach the place to be. 

In Aspen, we get some great musicians, so nobody's complaining---but ....if you wanna party?...... really, really party?  You need to book Neverland and/or SuperBooty.  AspenSpin guarantees it.

Neverland, @ Bimbo's 365 San Francisco. click to enlarge. SuperBooty @ Bimbo's 365 San Francisco. Click to enlarge

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