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Social Media in Action

Fran Melmed & Shel Holtz @ CCM09 with Carmelo's moon.It's "mud season" in Aspen so there's not much going on in town--- its kinda nice. The lifts are closed, the sun is out and A-Spin is about to hit the beach.

As you probably know AspenSpin is a major force in SOCIAL MEDIA.  Using tools such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER and LinkedIN we've connected with people from all over the world. Click the links, become our FB friend, tweet us, link in.

We were twittering yesterday and entered a discussion about #CCM09 in Ruth Ellen Kinzey, Colleen Perrin & Christie Gay get used to the altitude in Aspen.Aspen. What's #CCM09? We asked the same thing. Its the Council of Communication Management (CCM) Annual Conference, and its being held @ the St. Regis. Its a convention for senior level corporate communications executives. We twittered with Fran Melmed from Context who gave us the low down. We crashed that party--hard.

Shel Holtz communicating @ CCM09 in Aspen. Before security was called (just kidding) we networked with some of the most influential communications execs in the U.S. We met well known social media consultant Shel Holtz who invited us to sit in the CCM social media workshop. It was a stone cold groove. Unusual in Aspen, the workshop was almost all women. Niiiiiiice, and they were all good communicators.

Surrounded by communicative, professional women---and we liked it--- alot.  We learned that in the next 3 years over 50% of all content on the internet will be "user generated". Research shows that 78% of people trust a "personal recommendation" and that "word of mouth" is the most effective form of marketing. AspenSpin has been proving that since our inception.  According to CCM research, trust is at an all time low and that corporate CEO's/ corporate spokes people are currently the least trusted source of info.  That gives the power to the people, and the internet is their weapon.  Join the conversation, it's two way now.Joyce Buford (r) teamed up with Kathy Collura @ CCM09

That's the beauty of Social Media---its "person to person" communications, and it allows one to easily share opinions, insights, information, experiences and perspectives with others. Thanks to #CCM09 for inviting us to sit in on their Annual Convention and to participate in their World Vision caregiver event. Enough cerebral work for now, tomorrow we'll be sitting on the beach sipping umbrella drinks---with no internet connection---we're gonna communicate the old fashioned way.The CCM crew prepped "caregiver kits" on behalf of World Vision. Zambian orphans will receive backbacks filled with cool stuff thanks to CCM and www.WorldVision.org

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