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Dead Presidents

da Girlz. Click 4 pix.Wow, the bullsh*t being slung on the gondy this week is thick and juicy.  In case you forgot ---President's Week in Aspen is perhaps the most affluent week of the season.  It's a more upscale crowd than the posers who show up for New Years?  The narcissism is palpable.


We find it hilarious that everyone on the Gondola is "from here", even though they're obviously not.  Face it people,--- if your house, job, family, school, dog & car aren't in Aspen---then you don't "really" live here.   Everybody's wants to be a local, especially this week.  Just to clarify, fractional ownership does not constitute "having a place" in Aspen.  SCOREBOARD!! If you're here 2 weeks a year or less, you don't live here.   

More Girlz. Click 4 PixThe people from L.A. throw out the most smack----is everybody a MAJOR playa in LALA land?   The Noooo Yawkers complain about the economy as they shop, dine and spend like drunken sailors.  You gotta love the cougars who have five ski outfits, but never ski a run. They ride the gondy up for lunch, ride it down for their spa treatments. Its all good clean fun. T.I.A. This is Aspen.

 Click DEAD PRESIDENTS to see the PIX.

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Reader Comments (1)

Who the fuck cares about the status of being an "Aspenite". I lived there for 1 year and swiftly moved farther away to make haste of this condescending attitude.Aspen is more than a ritzy town to brag about, it a historic place that all should feel welcome at but sadly this is not the case.

February 26, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTerry

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