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The Show that never Ends.

Munkee, Kansas, China. Photo: Warren Miller Entertainment. Click 4 Pix."Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend. Come inside, come inside.  There behind the glass is a real blade of grass---be careful as you pass--move along, move along.  Come inside the show's about to start, guarenteed to blow your head apart.  Rest assured you'll get your money's worth....  The Greatest show in heaven, hell or earth".  (ELP, Karn Evil 9, 1973) See the vid, click ELP/ KarnEvil9

Its not even Halloween and Aspen is fittin' to blow.It's a dynamo, its rock & roll---u gotta see THE SHOW!!! The lifts won't open till thanksgiving, but Aspen's already got it going on like its mid-season. We had another huge weekend filled with POW, PIX & PEOPLE.

Olympic snowboard medalist and Aspen's hero Chris Klug hosted a kickoff party for CKF's 4th Annual Summit 4 Life.  Its a 3,267 vertical foot hike up Aspen Mountain  (at night in Dec.) to promote organ donation.  This years Summit 4 Life is December 12th.  Click CKF 4 info and registration. See our pix hit THE SHOW.Chris Klug and his Doner Dudes, Stan, Erik and Ed. Click 4 Pix

Chris Anthony & the crew from Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) screened DYNASTY for three, rowdy sold out nights, and 5 shows in Aspen.  Dynasty is the 60th Aniversery film from WME and it KICKS A$$.   The opening featuring ELP/ KARNEVIL9 performed by the Crash Kings is just plain siiiiiiick, its sooo naaaasty. Segments starring Aspen locals Chris Davenport and Sam Ferguson (w/ cameos from Bridger Gile and Klaus Obermeyer) rocked.  We dug it all, but the vignettes from Norway, China and Colorado were especially epic.  See our pix, click THE SHOW.

International Day of Climate in Aspen, a private preview of Il Mulino Aspen, a snow storm and A-Spin's huge burf-day rounded out a big weekend.  Pix from Aspen's Climate Day, Mother Puckers Monster Ball and the Sh*t Kickers Ball will be up ....like Wed.

You gotta see THE SHOW.  Its Rock and Roll.

M Group Birthday @ Warren Miller in Aspen. Click 4 pix

 Internationational Climate Day 350 on AJAX. SAVE SNOW.

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