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The Cougar Show

Reality TV has hit Aspen. Yup, its true,a VH1 / MTV production team is in town filming a pilot, tentatively called "Tough Love". We've heard it called, The Cougar Show. Several local ladies were chosen by VH1 to get "mic-ed up" and "followed" around Aspen. Each of the women are nice, attractive, social, sexy and stylish. Whether their lives make for compelling TV, that is yet to be determined.

For the record, WE LOVE ALL the GIRLZ, ---individually, together and as often as possible. We just hope the camera-men and the beanie wearing, walkie-talkie-wielding producers (led by Brett Weinstock) don't turn their lives into a sh*t show. BE CAREFUL GIRLZ; REALITY BITES.

We attended a few of the groovy parties that were "staged" for the show. We'll come right out and say it, LOUD and CLEAR: We prefer to party FREE-STYLE.But everybody wants to be on TV, right?. So we slicked it back, put on a blazer (?) and showed up to the alcohol (?) fueled "reality" parties. It was fun to observe the production, and see how the "stars" reacted to the red light, but it was far from reality. With equal parts fascination and nausea we watched and snapped a few.

Click REALITY BITES to see some pix.Aspen Reality TV: Click 4 Pix

Reality Bites: Click 4 PixWe've also heard rumours about BRAVO casting a reality show of a similar genre in Aspen."More of a character study" said one insider, right?. Also talk of a Cougar movie, zzzzzz. It'll be interesting to see if either of the shows ever see the light of day.

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Hmmm....."MILF Mountain" anyone?

January 25, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSnow Hugger

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