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The 19th Hole

1637062-1102180-thumbnail.jpgIs Golf a sport?  That's a good question.  It's certainly a game (like Checkers) and a skill (like Bridge)----but is it a sport?  The only time we've ever worked up a sweat on the links ----is at the 19th hole.  We've tried to embrace Golf, and we have a collection of broken clubs to prove it. 

We know there are a lot of serious Golfers in Aspen, and it was great to see them show up for the GrassRoots1637062-1632449-thumbnail.jpg
The Medalists from Rico Suave: Boone Schweitzer, Jeff Sivess, John Dresser, Jeff Hansen
TV's FREE RANGE GOLF OPEN (F.R.O.G) last week.   It stopped snowing long enough for the "sold out" tournament to take place at the Snowmass Club.   30 teams competed vigorously for a variety of prizes and awards, and it was big time fun.  The RICO SUAVE (pictured) fore some eventually triumphed over an extremely competitive field.  Second Place went to the Aspen Daily News and Rasmussen Construction finished third.

Most importantly, $15,000 was raised for GrassRoots TV.   We support GrassRoots because they promote Freedom of Speech and open communication in our Valley.  User generated content (UGC) is a "very hot" commodity in the technology space right now.  GrassRoots TV has provided a platform for UGC since 1971. 

If you've got something to say-----roll on over to GrassRoots TV, book the studio 1637062-1632461-thumbnail.jpg
The Aspen Club Team: Dr. D'arcy Brown, Casey McConnell, Chef Clark Church, Kevin Smiddy.
and go ON AIR.  We did it, it's fun.  Serious or funny----you can be seen and heard on GrassRoots TV.    1637062-1632476-thumbnail.jpg
Resort Quest: Geoff Lubin, Michael Cook, Dan Sartain and Joe Jenkin.
Click the pix to enlarge them.

The Young Guns from Woody Creek Cellars: Kevin Doyle, Tommy Doyle (long drive winner), Caddy, Coulter Young and Bobby Moyer.

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