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What does Aspen Spin have in common with the US SKI TEAM, US Snowboarding, The NBA Players Assoc., USA Triatholon, USA Cycle and the National Academy of Sports Medicine?   Nothing, Right????  Right????

Turns out we all got turned on to Flex-Power Pain Relief Cream

Somewhere after the first million VERTS those little aches and pains start to set in.  In1637062-1664082-thumbnail.jpg fact, in April, we tweaked a knee during POW DAY #37  (ski day #91), on WALSH's (shhhh Kind Bowl).  Ever since its been a nagging problem.  We had the M.D.s and the D.O's check it out.  MRI, EKG, EMG, DUI, NCAA, you name it-----if Blue Cross covered it --the Doc.s tried it.  Turns out the final diagnosis-- " too much turn-age". 

At the end of the season, A-Spin tried all the pain relievers, Motrin & Red Bull, Vioxx (that's right we risked it), Chinese Ultra Balm, Herbal Wood-Lock oil, even Medical Cannabis ---anything you can name.  Nothing has worked like Flex-Power.   Flex-Power relieves the pain with no medicinal scent, and with a gradual, penetrating HEAT.  It makes our knee feel young again.  You're thinkin'---it's 'roids, right?.  No way, it's "a" cream, ---not ----"the cream".

Just like our hero's --Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Hank Aaron, Chan Ho Park and others, Aspen Spin is ridin' like the pro's.  We're ridin' odor free with FLEX-POWER.


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Reader Comments (2)

I got a sample of this stuff 3 weeks ago at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, and it worked wonders. I know you're not supposed to try new things the morning of race day, but I gave it a shot anyway and it helped me out alot. I usually cramp up half way, but this kept me going. I think it may have been the gradual heating sensation, the formulation of the ingredients, I don't know. In all, it did the trick on my calves and I highly recommended it.

June 23, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterEric Lester

I highly recommend this product! I sampled some from one of the Flex-Power booths and it is amazing! I use it as a warm up on my knees before I run and after for recovery. I even use it for my lower back and neck for those cramps I get from sitting in my office all day long. I can't leave home without it - I'm addicted to this product!

June 24, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterKara Sullivan

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