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Halloween ( Adults Only)

Halloween in Aspen is not just for the kiddies. The adult population in our little Rocky Mountain enclave takes Halloween very seriously. All the freaks came out to play, and they played hard.  It may just be the biggest party night of the year in A-Town.  Halloween 2008 was BIGGER than New Year's, BIGGER than July 4, BIGGER than a POW day (almost) ---- it was the greatest party ever.

We've posted 3 siiiick albums full o' pix for you.  Names are being withheld to protect the innocent ....& the guilty.

Click in, judge for yourself.

FREAK SHOW in Aspen           Aspen: THE DARK SIDE            DEVILS NIGHT.


Listed below is AspenSpin.com's 

Party-ability POWER RANKINGS.

1)CARIBOU CLUB:  Locals took advantage of the posh private club's only "open door'" policy of the year.  An impressive combo of very high INEBRIATION and very low INHIBITION.

2) CLUB 44:  An after-party at a private residence.  Club 44 "raged till sun-rise".  The top secret location up towards Independence Pass was a windfall for local cabbies.   Club 44 was the late-night choice for Aspen's "sexy crowd".  It was a panty dropper.

3) FLY:Super-star DJ FLO from NYC kept the sleek,sophisticated crowd groovin all night long.  Wheels Up at dawn.

4) DISH: A total of 4 big-time DJ's coupled with copious amounts of alcohol made DISH the connoisseurs choice. You can come, but you can never leave.

5) TMV: The Music Venue, (promotional considerations prevent us from elaborating).  Danger Kitty was fun and the crowd was rowdy and typically wasted. TMV is docked style points for presenting the same band (with different guys), the same set-list, and the same show ---every year.  Sure it was a sell out , but, please---please---- give us something new. Huge ups for all that delicious penny candy, the sugar rush enhanced our buzzzzzz.

6) CANTINA:  Super rowdy venue.  "Too packed to party" according to the experts.

7) ELKS CLUB: Seniors need to party too.  nuff said.  If you're in AARP, it was #1.

8) SKY:  This was our first stop.  We assume it peaked later on in the night, we must have missed it.

Un-Rated Venues.

ERIC's:   Looked fun.  No time to stop in. BENTLEY's: From the outside---it looked like a ghost town. EAGLES LODGE:  A hard-drinking spot, off the beaten track. Fun if you're an Eagle. ASPEN SQUARE  no invite.  COOPER STREET:  This "working man's bar" took the night off.  LA COCINA: (Closed) RED ONION (Closed) SNOWMASS (Under construction).

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Reader Comments (1)

dude, holloween IS the LOCALS holiday, of course it's huge!!

November 3, 2008 | Unregistered Commentermavrick

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