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Aspen Rookie Orientation

Are you ready to ride? Two weeks from today---its GO TIME--- the lifts open.  There's already snow on the ground and its sticking.  We're got a ton of newbies in town for the season so we created a 3-step orientation program for the rookies.  Its a cliff notes version of the popular Aspen Survival Guide. 

1)  GET A JOB(or a 2nd and 3rd job).  Makin' ends meat in A-Town is not easy. 

Maybe you've already got something lined up.  Think again dude-bro. You're gonna need another source of income.  Find that perfect fit at ACRA's Job Fair---This Friday, 11/14/08 @ The Hotel Jerome, 10 to 3.  See what's out there. 

Click ACRA for all the details.                      Aspen Club Ski Conditioning click to enlarge              

2)  SKI CONDITIONING.  This is serious.  It's already too late to start, but do it anyway.  Cardio, core work, squats, do those ski specific excercises ASAP.  You can do it on your own, or at one of the several venues throughout the Valley. Hire a trainer---whatever?, just do it.  We like to do our ski conditioning at THE ASPEN CLUB.  Why?  Isn't it obvious?  THE ASPEN CLUB has the hottest chicks.

3) TAKE CARE of the JOINTS.  If you plan to get a million verts (or anything close) this season you must take care o' da knees.  Bad knee = bad season.  We've got a good pre-game plan.  Gobs of FLEX-POWER.  This stuff is the shiz-nit.  Just a couple o' squirts in the morning and our knees buzz all day.  We've tried Asian balms, vioxx (shhhhh), ibuprofen, even 'roids and a few other illegal street drugs.  FLEX-POWER is the best for both warm-up and recovery.  It heats up your knees, like nothing else.  It doesn't smell and Flex-Power actually attracts cougars. Try it / buy it--click FLEX-POWER.

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