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RFK Jr. stumps in Aspen.

RFK Jr. in Aspen

AspenSpin.com is not a political publication--- far from it.  However, our home State, Colorado is a crucial battle ground in the 2008 Presidential Election. 
We're not taking sides, but  we urge everyone to vote EARLY...... and OFTEN.

ROBERT F. KENNEDY Jr. landed in Aspen today to support Barack Obama's 2008 campaign for President of the United States.  The Kennedy mystique, wellArturo Rodriguez, UFW President known in A-Town, attracted a huge crowd to the Paepke Auditorium on the campus of the Aspen Institute.  "It's not just the granola eaters either" said one Obama fan.   RFK Jr., who was introduced as the "conscious of our environment"  addressed the audience in a short but poignant speech stumping for Obama /Biden 2008.  He was joined at the podium by United Farm Workers President, Arturo Rodriguez and Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland who both offered brief remarks.

Aspen Mayor Mick IrelandPitkin County is well known as the most liberal strong-hold in the traditionally conservative State of Colorado.  It was clear from the audience reaction to Kennedy's words, that CHANGE is NEEDED.  RFK Jr., who was accompanied by his 14 year old son Connor, shared a story about a childhood trip he took to Europe with his father in the early 60's.  He spoke about the "obvious love for America" displayed on the faces of the European people he and his dad encountered during their travels.  Not so anymore. Today, the respect for the U.S.A. has deteriorated to unprecedented lows. Our position as a world leader is in question, and our National security and economic future is at serious risk ---like no other time in history.  It's scary out there.  Please, whatever happens, no more C students in the White House.

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