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Park Avenue Freeze-Out

IMG_1471.JPGWe heard that a gang of skiers had invaded Aspen from the 212.  We were a bit sceptical.  How were these guys going to keep up? Could they stay with the more established "sets" on Ajax like the Buckaroo's, The Dogs, The Chix on Stix and the Powder Hounds.  We give props to this band of urban rippers who named themselves SKI RADICAL.   Not only did they stay out until last call every night, but they were up for first tracks every day----in sub-zero temps no less.  Impressive!!   Ski Radical is more than just a ski-gang, it's a troupe of multi-talanted, multi-media entertainers.  Aspen Spin is ripe with anticipation to post a short video montage of Ski Radical during their recent exploits in Aspen.

Ski Radical has many members, but the core group consists of Artist/ Musician/Entreprenuer Carlton DeWoody, his cousin, Michael "The Big Dog" Rudin, aspiring thespian, David Jacobs and rookie Evan "E-Train" Speiser, an up and coming Artist's Rep.  They were joined by the "older generation"---- Real Estate practitioner  Billy "Instant Heat" Rudin, hedge fund king-pin, Joe Jacobs and trader Wayne "risk premium" Margolies.   Guiding this posse of powder schraaaalpers were long time ski-pro's Tim Young and Joe Falcone.   Given the crew, it's a safe bet that big deals were going down during every lap up-- in the bucket.                                                 1637062-1249335-thumbnail.jpg
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Aspen Spin had the distinct pleasure of joining Ski Radical and their ladies for a closing party at the ultra-posh Caribou Club.  After a brief "issue" at the door with "Hard Guy" Billy Stolz,---- the restraining order was eventually overlooked and A-Spin was allowed to join the feast.   The dinner was the 10 year anniversary celebration of the Rudin/Jacobs family ski trips to Aspen.  "10 more years, 10 more years" chanted the crowd--- as Joe Jacobs addressed the room and made a few inapproriate remarks.

Once dinner was over, and the "dads" hit the rack,  The younger members of Ski Radical stayed at Caribou to drink shots and chase cougars.  What goes on the road stays on the road, but we think they all scored.

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Park Avenue Freezeout  photos.


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