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The Stylie Awards by Aspen Spin.

It's a POW day, so we'll keep our X-Games re-cap short.  Check out www.expn.com for all the details.

Breakin' it down---- Shaun White tied T.Hall at 7--- for the most X-Games Gold Medals of all time.  Canadian stylie.jpgsweetie Sarah Burke and Aspen's local fox, Gretchen Bleiler both added to their collection of Golds.  Levi Lavallee broke out of the sled head pack to get 2 Golds.   Our X-Games pix are sweeeet, look for a new photo album ---as soon as it stops snowing.                                              

Tonight we're creating history by presenting the inaugural, trendsetting , super-influential and first annual Aspen Spin --Stylie Awards.   Gold--Silver--Bronze. 



The A-SPIN-STYLIE....... goes to:


Best Party:      1) T.Hall/Massive 2) Fly/Red Bull      3) Powder Video Awards

Best Sponsor:   1) Red Bull          2) Jeep                 3) Rip It

Best Swag:       1) Skull Candy     2) Navy                 3) Oakley

Best Laminate: 1) Blue/Athlete   2) Green/VIP        3) Red/Tech

Best Music:       1) Mickey Avalon 2) Slightly Stoopid 3)Dinosaur Jr.

Best Free Food: 1) VIP/Matsuhisa 2)VIP Tent           3) Red Bull Tent

Worst Free Food: 1) Zune              2) Press Tent      3) ToTino's Pizza Rolls

Boguest Sponsor: 1) Zune              2) Nowwhat.com 3) Comcast

Baddest Ride :      1)FreeSkier Bus  2) Crunk-mobile  3) Smith Limo

Worst Time:         1)Bar Closing      2) B-Milk exit       3) 6 a.m. bed times

Hottest Chix:        1) Fly Girlz           2) VIP tent           3) Dish

Dopest black guy: 1) Sal Masekela 2) Cali P               3) Lil Jon

Coolest Euro:        1) Jon Olsson     2) Andreas Hatveit 3)Grete Eliassen

Raddest Asian:      1) Ryo Aono       2)Tatsuya Tayagaki 3) Kaz Kokubo

Hippest Kid:           1) Ryo Aono       2) Jossi Wells          3) Jamie Anderson

Best Outfit:           1) Kevin Pearce   2) (tie) Gretchen Bleiler / Simon Dumont    

Best Day:             1) Pow/Monday.   2) Everyone splits   3) Sanity resumes   



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