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Ready, Set, HUCK It !!!

Big Air + Big Biz = ESPN's X-Games.  For the 7th straight year Aspen is the site of Winter X, and we're locked in through 2010.  Every year X gets bigger, better and more corporate.  The swag alone must be worth millions.  About 80,000 fans will bus themselves into B-Milk over the next 4 days to experience the games. Tune into ESPN on Jan 24th-27th to see all the action, LIVE. 

You'll be eatin' popcorn and we'll be wearing the warmest possible foot-gear we can find.  There are so many events, parties, concerts and promotions that we'll be workin' it full time in the FBC (four block core).  Hopefully we'll survive the weekend.

Click on the pix-----for a better view.

It's all GOLD. (From Left, Tucker Hibbert who won his first Sno-Cross Gold at 15, Tanner Hall has won 6 Golds at X, a record, and SnowBoarder Hannah Teter who won the Olympic Gold in 2006.

King and Queen of the superpipe. Boarders,  Steve Fisher (Team Rip It)has 2 Golds including 2007, and Kristi Leskinen is a pipe pioneer, and a very pretty lady.









A-Town Dream Team. Photo pro Zach Ornitz from the Daily News, David Perry and Jeff Hanle from ASC and Mountain Man /TV Host Chris Davenport.
Lady's snowboard superpipe returning champ Torah Bright is an Aussie and a cutie.  She's named aftrer the sacred text.










Home grown hottie Gretchen Bleiler has won X-Gold and Olympic Silver. Look for her fashion line GB, next Fall.
X-Games legend Shaun Palmer, now 39 yrs old , has 6 X-Games Golds. He's tied with Tanner Hall and Shawn White for the most all-time.

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