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Spread Out, Picasso.

History was made on January 16th;  Sheldon Yellen, the wealthiest person in the U.S. to have never visited 1637062-1276962-thumbnail.jpg
There's a lot of love in the room. Photo: J. Schoenberg
Aspen -----turned 50.  It's hard to fathom that a big time entrepreneur like Yellen has never once had his wheels touch down in Aspen.  Changes need to be made at the top, ASAP.   Spread out, Picasso----do we need a major fire to attract the likes of Yellen.

Yellen is CEO of BELFOR USA, the largest disaster restoration firm in the world.  Yellen directs 51 property recovery offices in North America and 27 offices internationally.  Belfor is the official disaster restoration partner of Aspen Spin, yet we can't even talk him into to picking us up on the way to Vegas.

Sheldon rose to the top the old fashioned way, he married into it.   Naaaah, we're just giving him the needle.  Actually, he's is one of the most respected executives in the Country.  Both his employees and his customers love and admire him.  He's known as the guy who "gets the job done".    When huge disasters occur, such as Hurricane Katrina and the California wild fires, BELFOR is the first responder.  When people are in need ----BELFOR USA always answers the call.  

One of Sheldon's favorite sayings is "whatever it takes", and he backs it up with action.  In fact, on a recent trip to Las Vegas,  Aspen Spin was on the verge of getting kicked out of the TI  (for card counting and other minor violations) ----Yellen stepped in and made it right with the pit boss.  That pit boss is now a key executive in Belfor's Las Vegas office.  Thanks Shel,---- for helping us avoid another disaster.

The moment of surprise. Photo: E.Kellman
Perhaps Sheldon's greatest success is the close knit family unit that he and his exquisite wife Iris have created.  After long grueling business trips, Sheldon can't wait to get home to spend quality time with Iris and his boys.  Shel and Iris have been together since the pre-historic era, so she and her staff put together a huge surprise party to honor her man on his milestone.   Sheldon was so moved by the love shown by his family, friends and business partners, that he managed to squirt out a few tears in front of everyone.   Were they crocodile tears, like Hillary and George W. showed us ---or real deal?   We think---- REAL.   There was a lot of love in that room.

 Happy Birthday ----Sheldon,-- we hope to be there for your 75th.

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