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The Goods on 1-A

Today was the fourth or fifth Powder day in a row.  No one can remember.  The 6" rule has been --and still is 1637062-1258245-thumbnail.jpg
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in effect.   It's kept our entire news desk on the dole for almost a week.   The people that actually moved here to ski or ride are wired, tired and inspired.   Even Marco from The Cheese Shop got out three days in a row and Ray McNutt from The Nell powered up the bowl twice in one day. These guys only ski when it's EPIC.  All the pro's, the semi pro's, the huckers, the knucle draggers, the bartenders, the ski bum's and even a few lucky foriegn tourists were getting THE GOODS.

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We're workin' on our fourth foot of snow from this perfect storm.  It's all been sweeeeeet.  How can you argue with non-stop POW.  The boyz at Gorsuch have been settin' us up on all the best stix.  Gotama's for when it's a foot of fresh or more and our new favorite ------Blizzard's when it's between 6" and a foot. 

deepsnow%20cabin.jpgGood news BUD LIGHT has become the official beer of Aspen Spin.   If you mention this to any of us, you may get a free one.

We don't like to give up our secret POW stashes very easily, after all,  673 Acres get's skied up pretty fast.  But if you're not rippin' laps on 1A, you're missing some of the best front-side skiing in the world.  That's right ----the old school, 2-person, rarely used (except when the gondy's down), site of future development, world class ski lift.  It's on the map, but it's rarely called the Shadow Mountain Lift.  You're going to have to figure out the rest of it for yourself.  We're keepin' our lines confidential.  Some of the trail names are on the map. Most of the rocks aren't,  but ---no worries, they're all covered, even on Norway.  So stay balanced, keep your hands up, get a visual reference, and poin't 'em down.  That's what we came here for, and we're gettin' it over and over and over again.

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