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Berloni storms the USA.

Many spinners have been asking ---  What is Berloni America ?   A quick click on their banner will tell you the story, But A-Spin digs deeper.

Entrepreneur, Robert "Boom Boom" Nusbaum has teamed up with the famous Berloni Family of Pesaro, Italy 1637062-1190328-thumbnail.jpgto bring the world-class Berloni brand to America.  Founded in the 60's by craftsmen Antonio and Macello Berloni it's grown into a humongous International conglomerate producing a wide variety of home furnishings.   The company has 16 production facilities  around the world and is focused on three main business units----- Home, Office and Refrigeration. 

1637062-1190388-thumbnail.jpg"Boom Boom" gave up a promising career as a "session drummer" and composer to go into his family's biz.  If you live in America and you have carpeting in your house---"Boom-Boom's" team probably had something to do with it.  New York Carpet World was eventually swallowed up by a corporate predator and is no longer owned by the family. However,  the legend lives on with the 4th generation of Nusbaum merchants.

Now, Rob is teaming up with the craftsmen at Berloni to bring their Italian sense of style and quality to America.  They're doing huge interior projects in Basalt and Denver, they're big in Detroit, Chicago and their dealer network is growing rapidly across the country.  A-Spin  shout's out to  homie and former MERC  trader, Mike "two scoops" Schatz in Chi-town for makin' it happen.   Check out the site at www.BerloniAmerica.com


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