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The Transition

It all starts today!!!  Aspen transforms from a sleepy little Rocky Mountain ski town to the #1 party spot on earth.  Everyone is coming in, are you ready?  The "hot" outfit quotient on Ajax has gone up a notch the past few days.  By Saturday, it'll be like Bryant Park during fashion week.                                                                                 1637062-1224088-thumbnail.jpg
One of the many ski gangs on Ajax. These ladies call themselves the Hot Mommies. From L, Mimi, Kiki, Esther and Lea.

What are the Hot trends?---you still have time to buy.  SNOW WHITE---the brighter, the better, appears to be the "color of the year".  Fur collared down ski parkas are all the rage----if you want to be "in" you need to get one ASAP.   KJUS, the Norwegian ski line favored by Forbes 400 members is making quite a splash for it's technical quality and stylish cuts.  Colors to avoid---bumble bee yellow---never a good option, and last year's green (see pictures).  

The Newman Clan wearing "last year's" outfits. From Left, Mike Dog, Kato, Greg Gates, Fred Dog, Cole and Drew.

We've heard St.Bart's is nice this time of year. Antigua's hip.  We had a villa booked at Caneel Bay, but Puffy's boat left us in the wake.  So we're stuck here in A-Town.  wee wee weee.  You too, can still get in for New Year's.  A 2br, 2 bath will set you back about $ 5K per night.  Give A-Spin a buzzzzzzz, we'll hook you up.

Our sources are telling us that the sub-prime mess has luckily had little or no affect on Aspen's holiday bookings.  Now that Morgan Stanley is selling a stake to the Chinese and Citi is in tight with the boyz from Dubai---all is well.  

 We are now in the $h*t.  Get ready and keep clickin' www.AspenSpin.com                                           

When Pete or Kiwi Sarah scan you in at the base of Ajax, it's a good day in paradise. That's always in style. So smile!!!

Suzanne Leydecker models her Snow White Kjus in the bucket. Cutting Edge!!
Sorry, Trey, the "ski-bee" outfit ---it's just not working for you, luckily you're still a hot skier.

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