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New Years *bleeping* Eve 2015 in Aspen.  

New Year's Eve.  New Year's bleeping Eve.

Aspen was in a frenzy.  The town is at full capacity.  100% of the rooms, 100% of the beds, 100% of the pull-out couches are occupied.  Aspen is SOLD OUT.   New Year's Eve is the culmination of the holiday season.  It's been a great one in Aspen.  Plenty of snow for one thing.  And plenty of business.  The retailers, service providers and restaurants and bars appear to be crushing it.  The merch. seems to be flying off the shelves.  it's as if the sh*t is free.

Click 4 pix:  New Year's *bleeping*Eve 2015

21,000 skiers and riders hit the slopes on Aspen/Snowmass's 4 mountains on Dec. 31.  An unofficial record for the most crowded ski day of all-time in Aspen.   Aspen swells from about 5000 residents to over 50,000 (my estimate) during the holidays.  The town is packed.  Too-packed if you ask me.  Still the powers that be want to expand the airport, expand the bed base, expand the highway.  More is more.

Aspen was buzzing.   Gallons and gallons of alcohol was consumed.  The whole town reeked of recreational and medicinal weed.  Plenty of other stimulants and depressants were pounded in the underground clubs of Fat City.  It was freezing, like zero degrees.  Tons of bimbos ( and I use that term affectionately) were cruising the streets in their little black dresses and extremely high heels, stabilized on the wrinkly elbows of their sugar grand daddies.  Packs of well-dressed revelers were trying to get into bars and clubs that were already at capacity.   It was a HUGE night in Aspen, but relatively uneventful.  No bomb scares, no celebrity crime, no power outage...like I said...uneventful.

Despite the amateur-night status of NYE, AspenSpin is hardly a party-pooper.  Our options were unlimited, but we chose two exclusive, kick-a$$, sick parties.  The local Aspen Boyz threw their traditional posh bash at The LimeLight.  Christian Messner, Peter Cohn and Ian McLendon packed the house with beautiful people.  It was an excellent party, as it is every year.  

The Detroit Ballers took their NYE game to the next level.  The historic Crystal Palace glowed again on New Year's.  The Michigan Crew flew in their own 9 piece super-funky dance band who proceeded to blow the roof off the sucka.  The Brian Alexander Experience played a continuous set of funk and soul dance favorites. You just had to shake your booty.   The Crystal Palace, the most under-utilized room in Aspen has not seen this much action since the Marley Safe House took over a couple X Games ago.  At midnight the champage flew like it does in a super bowl winning locker room. Three generations of Michigan partiers and their friends jammed late into the night.

We rung in 2015 with a bang.   We wish you a year full of health, happiness, success, love and of course plenty of POW POW.   Happy New Year to the entire AspenSpin universe.

Click 4 Pix:  NEW YEAR's *bleeping" EVE 2015

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