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Expression Session / US Open of Surfing

Weezer Show on Huntington Beach. US OPEN of SURFING. Click 4 pixThe U.S. Open of Surfing (USO) 2010 is in the books. Huntington Beach local Brett Simpson crushed it and snatched the cash for the second year in a row. Simpson's pay day of $100,000 (plus sponsor bonus checks) buys a lot of fish tacos.  Women's Champion Carissa Moore, 17 brought home $50K (the richest purse in ladies surfing).  More than 500,000 people hit the sand for the USO.... think Woodstock at the beach. The facilities created on Huntington Beach were amazing.  The Surf Stadium, the BMX bowl, the skate park the music venue, the sponsors mall---quite incredible.  The fact that USO is a first-class production is of no surprise.  Its the work of IMG and its sponsored by Hurley, Nike 6.0 and Converse (all part of the Nike action sports family). Brett "Simpo" Simpson goes back2back at US Open of Surfing. Click 4 pix

Surfing, surf-styles, surf-lingo, street gear...its all gone major league .... or Hollywood ...or corporate, or mainstream... depending on your viewpoint.  These kids are not only highly skilled athletes they are entertainers, corporate spokesmen, "faces of the brand", key influencers, ballers.   AspenSpin has been to all the BIG events World Series, SuperBowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, Winter and Summer Olympics etc, etc.  The hype surrounding USO rivals them all.  The main difference with USO is that most of the continuous events are FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC.  Toss in separate , but related events like Group Y Conference,  Surfing Walk of Fame Induction, the Maloof Money Cup (skateboarding event), Agenda (street-wear fashion trade show) and the Orange County Fair and you could say that HB had it going on this weekend.

AspenSpin needs an intern.  We couldn't cover it all....but we did get a taste, and the pix are siiiiick.

Our PIX are all over the web.  Click 'em and stick 'em. 

 THE STOKE   /  Expression Session   /   Surf City Sesh.

HB and surf action shots courtesy of Michael Lallande / USOpen 


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